How do I take a picture of the desktop??

A screenshot, i.e. a picture of the screen, can be made in several ways. One of the simplest is using the Paint program. Screenshot is done by:

1. Go to the page you want to take a picture of.

2. At the moment when you want to make a screenshot on the monitor that you will send, you need to press the PrintScreen (PrtSc) button on the keyboard. By pressing the button, you will “take a picture” of the entire monitor. Also, if you want to make a printscreen (image) of a window without the surrounding background – press CTRL+ALT+PRINTSCREEN.

3. To get to the Paint program, it is necessary to click on START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/PAINT. After that, just copy COPY or CTRL+C to the Paint program.

4. When you click PASTE or /CTRL+V in Paint, an image of your desktop will appear.

5. Go to FILE/SAVE AS and save your image under the name and extension of your choice. Perhaps the best is the .JPG format.

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