Data protection and security

Protection and Security of Data
Personal Data

Article 24
The organizer is obliged to collect, process and store personal information on participants and their recording accounts for the sole purpose of participation in games of chance, organized by the “Mozzart” d.o.o. The organizer will keep this information as a business secret and treat information in line with legal requirements, particularly in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“RS Official Gazette” No. 97/08), as well as in accordance with these Rules. The organizer will take permanent measures to protect to protect personal information from misuse, destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized access. At the request of the organizer, for the purpose of verifying the identity or adulthood of the participant, the participant is obliged to submit personal identification document.
The organizer reserves the right to disclose personal information and data from the specific user account, if that is required by law, state institutions or other regulatory authorities, as well as if the organizer considers that disclosure is necessary, including, but not limited to the court orders or inquires with respect to the integrity of a particular event that is the subject of the bet. The participant hereby consents to such disclosures.
The participant hereby acknowledges and accepts that it is necessary for the organizer to collect personal data of the participant in order to allow to the participant access and use of the Website and in order to allow him/her to participate in Games.
The organizer will protect personal information and respect privacy of the participant in accordance with best business practices and applicable laws.
The Organizer will only use personal data of the participant to allow the participant to participate in the Games and to carry out operations relevant to his/her participation in the Games.
Only qualified personnel within the organizer’s organization will have access to participant’s personal data.
The organizer may also inform the participant of changes, new services and promotions the organizer think that participant may find interesting. If the participant does not wish to receive direct marketing data he/she may opt out of such service.
Article 25
The participants are obliged to preserve confidentiality of their password since it is known solely to them, it is unknown and unavailable to the organizer and participants shall bear all risk of possible abuse of the password.

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