What is the Virtual Football League (VFL)?


The virtual football league allows betting on virtual football 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The league consists of 16 teams. Each season consists of 30 rounds, like a regular football season, i.e. 15 games of each team at home and 15 away games. As soon as one season ends, a new one begins. Bets can be placed at any time, even during the season.


One season lasts a total of 141 minutes. It is divided into three parts:

“Season announcement” – lasts 2:30 minutes and is an announcement of the season that is about to start
“Rounds in the season” – lasts 137:30 minutes for all 30 rounds in the season
“Season report” – lasts one minute and presents a summary report of the season that ended


One round lasts 4:35 minutes. The circuit is divided into:

“Match announcement” – lasts 60 seconds
“First half” – lasts 90 seconds
“Half time” – lasts 10 seconds
“Second half” – lasts 90 seconds
“Match Report” – lasts 10 seconds
“Car report” – lasts 15 seconds


A bet on VFL matches is possible no later than 10 seconds before they start. It is possible to bet on matches in advance on all rounds until the end of the season. When a round that has not yet started is selected with the “Select round” option, the offer of matches played in that round is opened, as well as the entire offer of games and odds for that match. It is possible to bet on the following games and sub-games:

“Final Outcome” – Home win, draw, away win
“Final Handicap Result” – Home Win, Draw, Away Win
“First to score” – The home team scores a goal, without a goal in the match, the away team scores a goal
“First Half” – Home win, draw, guest win
“Total goals” – a bet that more or less goals will be scored in the match than the offered margin
“Exact score” – from 0:0 to 3:3 and the rest


The minimum payment is ksh 10 per ticket. The maximum payment is ksh 20,000 per ticket. The maximum payout is ksh 1,000,000.

It is possible to tie with the offer of other matches during one round or combine with other rounds of matches within the VFL offer.

It is not allowed to combine matches from the VFL offer with other sports offers (eg with tennis or basketball matches in the regular Mozzart offer).

System tickets are not allowed.


All matches can be watched in an integrated video stream within the web browser. At any time during a season you can watch the broadcast of any match in progress. Match simulations are created using a combination of artificial intelligence and an independent random number generator. At the same time, the performance of the virtual soccer players is based on the existing performances of the world’s professional soccer players (eg number of goals scored, health, form, statistics of completed matches…)

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