What are the systems?

What does System 3 of 4 mean? If you send a 3/4 mark to the ticket, you said to Mozzart: "I will give at least three of the above four games." Practically, instead of one "big" you played four "small" ticket.
These "small tricks" are called combinations. Expertly speaking, the 3/4 ticket has four combinations. You can see that your total stake of 1,000 KES has been divided into four parts, and therefore, 250 KES per combination has been invested. If you hit all four pairs, then all combinations will be won. You have reduced the maximum possible profit, but you have increased your chance.
The best way to try out all possible combinations is to visit the Quick Ticket, add the matches you want, and then click on the "System Ticket" field. Here you can create systems, try different combinations, and at any time have precise information about the possible cause.

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