What are these systems?

What does a 3 out of 4 system mean? If you write 3/4 on the ticket, you have said to Mozart: “I will guess at least three of the four games mentioned.” Practically, instead of one “big” one, you played four “small” tickets.

These “small tickets” are called combinations. Technically speaking, a 3/4 system ticket has four combinations. You can see that your total bet of ksh 1,000 has been divided into four parts, and therefore ksh 250 has been invested per combination. If you hit all four pairs, then all combinations will be winning. You have reduced the maximum possible win, but you have increased your chance.

The best way to try all the possible combinations is to visit the Quick Ticket, add the matches you want and then click on the “System Ticket” field. There you can create systems, try out different combinations and have precise information about possible earnings at any time.

See more about how to calculate the system yourself at the following link

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