How do I get notifications through the Android app?

With the latest version of the application (19.91), you now have the option to receive notifications of ticket statuses, as well as events in the games you played on the ticket. You receive notifications by scanning the bar code on the ticket that you played at a pay-site or for all the ticket that they have paid through the application.

Users who have played the ticket at a paid site activate the notifications as follows: 1. Launch the Mozzart Android application 2. Log in 3. Select “Ticket Status” option.

You need to enter the ticket code in the white box or click on the “Scan Ticket” button. The application runs the bar code scanner (if necessary, allow the application to use it), then scan the QR code in the upper left. You will see a ticket that you scanned or manually entered the ID (in the picture below you can see that the third ticket was added, compared to the previous application image). When you select the ticket, you will see a list of all the matches on the ticket, as well as the icon “bell” that informs you that you will receive notifications about these matches. You have the option to turn off notifications by clicking on the bell, in which case the bell will be crossed out, so if not crossed, the notification is active. It is possible to deactivate individual games by pressing the bell at the end of the game, as well as notifying for all ticket events at the touch of the bells at the top of the ticket.


You have the option to choose which notifications will appear to you. It is assumed that they apply: – The outcome of the match – Goal By choosing the “Settings” option from the main menu, then the “Setting Notifications” sub-item. The picture below shows the possible notifications that you want to receive. Users who play tickets through the web and Android, receive notifications by default, do not need to activate. If there are problems in using: – Check which version of the application is, and if it is not at least 19.91 immediately install the new version of the application. Checking is done by clicking on the menu, and then the last “Edit” option. – Update all applications from the Play Store (Google services need to have the latest version, as well as other applications). – If the latest version is in question – get out of the application, then log in again. – Currently, notifications are enabled only for sports betting tricks. – For iOS and Windows applications, the system of notifications is still being developed.

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