What is My Number Game?

1. The player is betting on a number of hit pins.
2. It is possible to bet up to 15 numbers.
3. The offer consists of 72 games for betting on numbers.
4. For each individual game, the numbers differ in the number of balls that are in circulation and which are drawn, the day and time of drawing, as well as the odds.
5. One ticket is possible to bet on numbers from one country in one term.
6. Betting codes for numbers are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven or eight of the affected numbers. The offer of the podium depends on the chosen game for betting on the numbers. Depending on the number of balls to be drawn out and the total number of balls being drawn.
7. The extra balls being drawn are not the subject of betting.
8. It is possible to play the system.
9. System in the system can not be played.
10. The minimum payment per ticket is 30 RSD, the minimum payment per combination is 1 RSD.
11. The maximum payout per ticket is 10,000,000 RSD.
12. On the teletext page 579, the LIVE outcome results are displayed.
13. A ticket is obtained if, in a term, a given and a given country in relation to which the ticket is played, a number of hit pins on which the player has bet bet.
14. Detailed offered fixed odds are in the daily offer for each of the 72 games and all the betting strategies for the numbers.
15. If for some reason there is no regular appearance of the numbers (technical reasons), for all ticket payments that were paid during that period of the quota is 1.00, ie the player is returned the money invested.
16. The bet can be received up to two minutes before the start of the draw.
17. Winning combinations with eight hit numbers do not contain weeks, fives, etc. Combinations with seven affected numbers do not contain six, five, etc.
18. Ticket is won if you hit all the numbers on one ticket.
19. If you play a system ticket, you need to guess the numbers within the system you played.
20. Betting for new games is possible at MOZZART payment points and on mozzartbet.com
21. You can track the results for each game on the numbers via their official websites. Also, for every lot of drawing, on our site you can see the results of the last 10 drawings.


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