What is multiple?

Allows you to bet on two or more outcomes of one match at the same time. It reduces your risk, but also your potential earnings. You can access it by selecting the option “Other – Old site” in the mozzartbet.com main menu. If you want to make this type of ticket, you need to select the “System” ticket and select more quotes within the selected pair. Example You can play that the home team will win or will be unsolved at the match. If any of these two outcomes come, you will have a winning couple on the ticket. Roma – Milan match, you played a lot of ki1 and kiX. The quota on ki1 is 2.30, the quota on kiX is 3.25. The final score is 3: 3. Your ticket has passed with odds of 3.25, because you played and the winner of the match will be Roma, but also will be unresolved.

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