On Which Sites Can I See match Statistics?

Official sites are: Kenya Premier League England league (statistics) Spanish liga (resultados → cronica → equipos) Germany league (team statistics) Italian league (match report) French league (team statistics) Champions League (statistics)  

What’s a Quick Ticket?

A quick ticket allows you to assemble a ticket on the web and then deposit it with the received code on the pay site. Quick Guide Add odds to ticket Enter the desired amount Click on the payout ticket Select the Quick Ticket option Write the ticket code Show the ticket at a pay site […]

What is Handicap?

“Handicap” is an advantage in goals (points, points, percentages or other sizes related to the betting event) for a sporting event that is pre-determined and presented to the player in the betting offer. The final outcome of the handicap event is formed by adding the number of goals, points or points marked as a handicap, […]

What are Odds?

Odds represent the likelihood that the team or player will achieve the result displayed, i.e. number with which your stake is multiplied. The organizer reserves the right to change the quotas published in the program of sports events, which will be promptly announced in a free-paid place. When calculating the gain, the quotas that are […]

What is Live Bet?

Live bet represents live betting on the ongoing matches. It is available at our payment points and on

What Is Multi bet?

A Multi-bet is bet slip which has more than one match predicted in the slip. For example the bet-slip bellow has 3 matches predicted.

What Are System Bets?

What does System 3 of 4 mean? If you place a 3/4 system bet, you said to Mozzart: “I will win at least three of the four selected predictions.” Practically, instead of one “big” you played four “small” bets. These “small bets” are called combinations. Expertly speaking, the 3/4 ticket has four combinations. You can […]

I missed a couple, do I have the right to a bonus?

The “Failure Fee” Bonus rewards all players who have one missed pair ticket and qualify for a minimum of four pair and a quota of more than 29. The product of the affected quota on a ticket with at least four matches and one missed pair brings the monetary value of the bonus: more than […]

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